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The Marley family continues to play their part to keep reggae evolving. Check out Sizzla in front of the Ghana flag backdrop in this video and look out for the dub step finale too. Dopeness. Jamaica looks a lot  like Ghana here if you ask me.

and with our homegrown Afro-Dancehall, the link is getting stronger and stronger. Hold that thought for now.

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When we first found out about the possibility of Nas and Damian Marley collaborating we got excited, then when the album Distant Relatives came out, we got very excited. So you can imagine the excitement in Aspecks HQ when we found out that these two giants of music would performing in London. For those of you not lucky enough to have been in attendance at their recent Wembley gig check out the footage Aspecks managed to capture in between jumping up and down and jamming hard to an array of banging hits!

Also check the extended highlights of performances of “Leaders” and “Count your Blessings” from the Distant Relatives album.
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K’naan’s latest project is a mixtape series paying tribute to three iconic musicians and exemplary human rights activists: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. They were all true global citiizens; with the common thread between them being their use of music to highlight injustice and cultivate social consciousness (globally) through a message of equality between people. The fact that (regardless of their messages) each was a master of their distinct musical genres means that this tribute series also takes on the role of an enlightening cross-cultural excursion and socio-political education. On another level, the project also asks broader questions about the substance of musical content at large and whether it should be held to a higher (moral) standard or judged purely on entertainment value. These musicians’ stories are enthralling and too expansive to cover in this post or a tribute series but definitely worth researching and/or catching up on. The Messengers series is available for free download from here.


Fela Anikulapo Kuti – pioneer of Afrobeat music:

“Yes, if you are in England the music can be an instrument for enjoyment, so you can sing about love. You can sing about who you are going to bed with next. My society is underdeveloping because of an alien system on our people now so there is no music for enjoyment. There is nothing like love, there is something like a struggle for people’s existence. So, as an artist, politically, artistically the whole idea about your environment must be represented in the music, in the artist. So I think as far as Africa is concerned music cannot be for enjoyment. Music must be for revolution.” – Fela (Quoted from a skit on The Messengers: Episode 1)

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