In 2005 two young men met whilst studying for a Masters in Global Politics and International Relations at the University of Southampton. Despite obvious cultural differences and differing opinions; the two future collaborators discovered that they had many things in common or at least could appreciate various aspects of their interests which they did not share. From this they reached the understanding that people are not so different after all and their cultures were based on collective experience. Their studies of Global Politics lead them to debate the socio-economic inequalities and injustices which they perceived to exist in an unnecessarily segregated global society. Eventually they were led to a consensus that; in a world of such plentiful resources as ours, too many people are denied the basic necessities required to live out fulfilling lives.

They resolved that they were compelled to contribute something positive to remedy this situation with their respective knowledge and skills. But how can two individuals change the world? Well, for a start it takes more than two people for any significant change to occur, and what better way to organise like-minded people than through an online community, which extends across the world. In November 2007 Aspecks Ltd ( and the Aspecks Clothing line) was born, based on the premise that through collective action and discussion it is possible for a diverse group of people (i.e. global society) to combine their skills and knowledge to solve particularly complex and challenging problems.



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