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Aspecks is an award winning social enterprise that has always sought to do things differently, but we have a simple mission: the celebration of global culture. We define ourself as an Independent Social Entrepreneurs & Creatives Collective.

Aspecks is much more than just a printing workshop and a clothing brand. Our website offers opportunities for creative individuals to express themselves, to interact with others and discuss diverse issues, opinions and lifestyles from around the globe.

Aspecks consists of:

An Ethical Fashion Brand; our collection of topical and symbolic t-shirts and hoods is printed with environmentally friendly ink on a range of sustainably produced garments with ethical labour standards (including fair-trade whenever possible). We are also currently working on a range of collaboration t-shirt designs with a series of artists, musicians and social activists.

An Awareness Campaign; our choice to promote sustainable and ethically sourced garments means that we can talk with authority on a range of subjects relating to the industry, including environmental issues and labour rights. Indeed our Global Citizen Campaign is the physical manifestation of the Aspecks ethos and we have undertaken lectures at UK institutions of further and higher education on several occasions, speaking about our experiences as social entrepreneurs and of course promoting the campaign.

A Global Social Network; through our website and blog we seek to facilitate discussions that contribute to the policy debates and popular opinion on a wide range of issues. Our website offers opportunities for creative individuals to express themselves, to interact and discuss diverse issues of global interest. Consequently, the Aspecks blog is full of original content of art exhibitions, live musical performances as well as other cultural and political events.

Affordable commercial screen-printing services; in addition to our own range of designs, we are also able to offer commercial design and screen-printing services (including printing workshops) to other businesses, campaigns and organisations. This side of our enterprise has allowed fruitful collaborations with the Co-Operative Party, the Under-17 Car Club, HACAN Clearskies and the International School of Bottom-Up Organisers amongst others.

A creative media outlet; Aspecks as an enterprise offers a range of creative services, a capability that is enhanced by our large affiliate network. Through these affiliates Aspecks is able to offer services such as event organisation, management and coverage, design services, website development, SEO optimization, music production (including videos) as well as video editing and photography services. Consequently, as an organisation we constantly seek to build links and opportunities for collaboration with others who have a desire to express themselves truthfully.




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