The ASPECKS movement is a fellowship for all types of people, who, despite their apparent differences, socialize by exchanging ideas, thoughts and beliefs. The basic premise is this; all people, although they are individuals with diverse identities, share particular experiences, interests and beliefs in various ASPECKS of their lives. There is always a common ground. Regardless of if you are; old or young; Muslim, Christian or Buddhist; black, white or asian; listen to rock, hip-hop or classical; meat lover or vegan; all, some or none of the above, through exchanges with others and expression of culture and knowledge shared we can all enrich our understanding of; and experiences in; our global society.

The ASPECKS GLOBAL SOCIETY is therefore a medium to expose and express the various alternate ASPECKS of the world’s boundless variety of cultures. It is based on the belief and dedicated to the idea that although we all have our own distinct subjective identities, we are global citizens and share many aspects of our humanity in common. In doing-so, we seek to promote and celebrate both our commonality and our differences.

As a consequence we can influence each other in the ways that we think and hence the way we live. We invite you to join us on this mission by contributing articles, pictures and your opinions to be posted up on the site.



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