The online portfolio of Paul Coffield, Aspecks affiliate web designer. Also founder of Longfield Design, Paul is perhaps a little too obsessed with the internet as a medium for communication but that is why we respect him. He pledges to continue this obsession to help others bring themselves online.


Beckford Consulting

Professor Beckford provides business advice and consultancy services, is perhaps Aspecks’ number one supporter and has more letters after his name than the alphabet. Like many, he believes that as we currently do things organisations can be dysfunctional places. He observes them getting things wrong, whether undervaluing their employees, operating with inefficient systems or mismanaging information. John is unreasonable enough to keep trying to change things and downright persistent enough to get results.


Co-Operative Party

As the Party for Social Justice, the Co-Op’s beliefs sit very comfortably with the Aspecks understanding of the world and our passion for making a difference to the communities in which we live. They believe that people will achieve more by working together than they can by working alone and they support the efforts of those who seek success through that co-operative endeavour. They believe that the only way to create a just and fair society is through power being spread evenly throughout society, and not arbitrarily based on wealth, class, gender or race.


Ctrl.Alt.Shift is a UK youth initiative set up to engage the next generation in the fight against social and global injustice. As a movement we tackle issues such as global poverty, climate change, tax and corruption and HIV stigma though running events and campaigns nationwide, a UK-wide street team of reporters and a bi-annual magazine which can all be read about on our website: www.ctrlaltshift.co.uk. Check it out for more info, or contact editor@ctrlaltshift.co.uk to get involved!
HACAN Clearskies

The Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise is a campaigning organisation that works to preserve the quality of life for those living around Heathrow airport in the UK. Concerns include noise, air pollution, traffic congestion and night flights. HACAN Clearskies is not opposed to aviation and recognises the contribution that Heathrow makes to the national economy. However they continue to campaign alongside national, regional and local pressure groups for an approach to aviation that acknowledges those who suffer because of aircraft.


I AM LDN is a trendsetter, an independent arts magazine, a philosophy, a fashion guru and a lifestyle, The magazine encourages a lifestyle based on knowledge, passion, humour and one that is deep rooted in LDN’s style. I AM LDN documents observations of London Life and sometimes brings other cultures, arts and ideas to it’s readers attention. A magazine for urbanites. Look them up at www.iamldnmagazine.com where you can find digital copies of their current issue and back-catalogue for your reading pleasure.

Top notch producer and MC based in London via Ghana and the US. M3nsa fuses an eclectic mix of sounds including afro-pop, funk, pidgen and hip-hop and has worked with a wide range of diverse artists including original material for Aspecks. In an exchange of skills you can hear the strumming of an Aspecks guitar on M3nsa’s forthcoming One Mango Street album. A busy individual and perfectionist as M3nsa’s debut solo album The Weather Report is also set to be released as soon as he is happy with it!!!


Ritchy Pitch

One of the host DJs at legendry London Hip-Hop club night Scratch. Ritchy has made and produced music in the US with some of the most respected MCs in the game, including J-Live, El da Sensei, Mr Complex, Asheru and Apani B where he recorded his critically acclaimed Live at Home LP on New York label Sevenheads. He has also been ghost producing for TV with tracks produced by Richy being used in both Japan and the US networks ABC and Fox on programs such as The Daily Show, Oprah Winfrey and America’s Most Wanted.


Something Else Photography

Aspecks Crew resident photographer. Something Else Photography offers a wide variety of photographic services from portraits to product photography, weddings to concept jobs. A creative genius… Mr Else’s work is always exceptional!!


The Pathfinder Project

A unique project introducing driving skills and positive road safety attitudes to young people.


Tartan Trails

Aspecks Crew resident BMXers, follow their trails as they fly through the air and dish the dirt on the best places to ride in the UK. Check them out and peep the fresh tees they can often be found wearing as they jump over anything and everything!!


Wanlov the Kubolor

Wanlov was born in Romania and grew up in Ghana. Raised in a home where both parents were avid collectors of music and other forms of eclectic art, it is no wonder the Kubolor has a unique perspective on life, a worldview evident in his insightful consciousness, and empathetic presentation of the human condition. In refusing to modify his versatile style to fit the mould of pre-existing genres, Kubolor hopes to inspire others to create a personal evolutionary path for positive change.


Under 17 Car Club

Provides an opportunity for 12 – 17 year olds to gain experience of vehicle control off the public highway in a controlled environment. For the past 30 years the Under 17 Car Club has been helping under age drivers to practise and improve their driving skills legally and safely, ina variety of different vehicles, under properly supervised conditions, and to take an active interest in cars and motorsport, and ultimately to produce safer young drivers on our roads at age 17 and beyond.



The freshest hip hop blog to come out of L.A! Zebra is Food collaborates with Aspecks on material for our respective blogs and they are always looking to be able to highlight emerging artists and visa versa. We enjoy a mutual relationship of exchanging cultural knowledge and skills.


Kaizen Designs

Aspecks’ resident designer, website manager and beat maker extraordinaire! Michael “Kaizen Star” Fatoki is the Director of Kaizen Designs and is committed to continuously improving the creative process. As a creative agency Kaizen Designs offer a wide range of  services including printing, branding, web design and management, video/motion graphics, audio production, advertising and Search Engine Optimisation.


The 4WD Foundation

The 4WD Foundation run projects and training that help young people develop their confidence, soft skills and enhance their knowledge base so that they can make positive life decisions, reach more of their potential and become proactive citizens. They work with youth serving organisations to help them and their staff improve their service provision and measure and evaluate the social impact they have on the young people that they work with. The 4WD Foundation exists to make important information more accessible to London’s young people, particularly those from less advantaged backgrounds.


Otto Schade

Otto is a Chilean painter, sculptor, graffiti artist and  a successful architect. He has always felt an avid fascination for the Surrealists, as well as the freedom which surrounds abstract painting. With the development of this talent, Otto began a journey in the search for new ideas and wider exposure for his work, taking him to exhibit his work in Concepcion (Chile),Berlin (Germany), Moscow (Russia) , New York (US), Amsterdam (Netherland) and finally to London (UK), where he is currently living and working. Otto’s painting ranges from abstract and surrealism to even urban art. The themes behind his compositions read in a personal, metaphorical sense with a sharp, ironic touch. Otto’s artworks show a unique style, proving an inventive imagination as well as a refined technique. Aspecks is delighted to state that we are currently working in collaboration with Otto and are currently in the process of printing  t-shirts featuring some of his iconic paintings.


Rafiqi Rafiki

Aspecks is pleased to announce our affiliation with Rafiqi Rafiki, the UK arm of the Myndz Community, with whom we will be exchanging content and sharing information. The Myndz Community is a multimedia production/post-production company operating in Kenya, Namibia, UK and USA. They provide professional and cost-effective production and post-production services to address the media, information and communication needs of our clients and partners. Their projects are premised on the collaboration and exchange of resources toward people-centered development and social change.


Capoeirarte UK

After forming a preliminary alliance, discussions are underway for some full scale collaboration. Stay tuned as the Aspecks Jamm Tyme Capoeirarte movement is born.


J.A.M.M. T.Y.M.E.

Just Any Modern Musical Topics You Might Enjoy!! Initially a duo consisting of Ricsean Campbell-Ramsay “Uni Klone” and Jordan Ellis-Baptiste “Jay Flo”, these singers, rappers, song writers and choreographers joined forces with dancer and choreographer Brendon “Soca King” St Catherine, who now supplies the visual articulation of JAMM TYME’s lyrics. This combination has been dubbed as one the most entertaining acts going into the new decade. JAMM TYME and Aspecks have been collaborating for a while now as evidenced by the “Get Your Money Out Video”, numerous freestyles and of course, the ever expanding JAMM TYME Aspecks fashion line.


Afro Pop Live

Afro-Pop Live is a London based Entertainment/Event Promotions Company with global perspective operating with an integrated team of creative visionaries. Their operations include a boutique Indie label, Artist Management, Music Consulting and Talent & Artist Relations. A new revolution in the urban experience their branded events showcase the best of African urban repertoire delivered in a strong and evocative manner.



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