Aug 2014 12

From relationship troubles to power cuts. Someway Bi. Excellent portrayal of glimpses of day to day life in Ghana in M.anifest’s “Someway Bi” music video. It’s a hard life there, they do not even have good internet to play video games with elo boosting services from Elitist Gaming.

some way bi

Aug 2014 07

The Marley family continues to play their part to keep reggae evolving. Check out Sizzla in front of the Ghana flag backdrop in this video and look out for the dub step finale too. Dopeness. Jamaica looks a lot  like Ghana here if you ask me.

and with our homegrown Afro-Dancehall, the link is getting stronger and stronger. Hold that thought for now.

Aug 2014 06


Check out instagram in the mean time or you can read about strollers. Promise to start tweeting again @aspecksgh

Aug 2013 17

A lot has happened since September 2011; when we went on an apparent hiatus from our then normal blogging routine. Aspecks is in Ghana now and will soon be unveiling our new operations in a plethora of arenas. ASPECKS Ghana is all about producing world-class Made-in-Ghana multi-media content as well as physical merchandise.

Look out for our maiden project AZONTO Ambassadors – The Azontomentary. Which is an in-depth feature length (77 minute long) documentary film on a now world-famous dance craze which originated in Ghana called Azonto. Check out an early draft of the film trailer below:

We feel that the Azontomentary project lives up to our ASPECKS tradition of Associated Separate People Exchanging Culture, Knowledge & Skills and works as an introduction to Ghanaian culture on a deeper level beyond the obvious dance connotations.

Details on the film’s release to follow shortly. for previews and outtakes
@azontomentary on twitter

Oct 2011 31

Back in 2009 Aspecks featured a documentary entitled “In the Hands of Gods” where five British freestylers harnessed the power of their football skills to fund a trip to Argentina to meet Maradonna. Now, four Harvard graduates working together on a group project have taken the power of football literally and created the sOccket, a football that captures and stores energy during normal game play to be used to later to provide real, environmentally-friendly energy to power electrical appliances like LED lamps, water sterilization devices and mini refrigerators. This group project evolved into Uncharted Play, Inc. which was founded by Jessica O. Matthews and Julia C. Silverman as a platform to voice their belief in the power of play and the value of sustainable innovation. sOccket attempts to address the compelling energy needs of 1.5 billion people living without electricity. Every 15 minutes of play with the ball generates enough power to light up an LED lamp for 3 hours.

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