Jun 2010 03

Aspecks would like to introduce our affiliation with I AM LDN Magazine, an enterprise focused on celebrating the vibrant arts, music, lifestyle, fashion, poetry and comedy that makes up London culture. The synergies with our own ethos here at Aspecks are obvious so keep an eye out for future collaborative events. I AM LDN is a trendsetter, an independent arts magazine, a philosophy, a fashion guru and a lifestyle, The magazine encourages a lifestyle based on knowledge, passion, humour and one that is deeply rooted in London’s style. I AM LDN documents observations of London Life and sometimes brings other cultures, arts and ideas to it’s readers attention. A magazine for urbanites; I AM LDN seeks to offer a fresh voice amongst all the corporate pillaging and celebrity madness. Consequently they offer creative people the opportunity to interact with an arts focused media publication that is not focused on the money. I AM LDN does it for the fun and for the love of it.

Look them up and check their website where you can find digital copies of their current issue and back-catalogue for your reading pleasure. Oh and as you can see above if you check out page 26 you will be able to see a nice feature on the Aspecks Global Citizen Campaign Competition.

I AM LDN is also interactive and if you would like to enter their feature model competition send your pictures and details to , or to request to contribute to the magazine contact

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