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Who said cynical people cannot be or are not optimistic and vice versa? In order to be an idealist, one has to balance on the fine line between cynicism and optimism. Although opposite, those two emotions fuel the minds of idealists who are cynical enough to be dissatisfied with the status quo and optimistic enough to believe that positive change is possible…

… So optimists; when your neighbours are doubting, negative and cynical – do not despair. With the right inspiration and dose of optimism, they can be sprung into action and channel that cynicism into constructive action. And to the cynics out there; when the happy-go-lucky optimists irk you with their ‘dreams’ – do not take them the wrong way. Show them that those positive attitudes without action lead to nothing. Jar them back into reality from their dream states and spring them into action. Now stop looking in the mirror and do something…

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  1. […] and and vested elitist interests that are contrary to  the greater well being of societies. I hold cynical views about corrupt politicians and social injustice and believe that it is fine to be disappointed […]

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