Oct 2010 11

So we are back again with a fresh new website courtesy of Aspecks Crew Member Michael “Kaizen” Fatoki. There is some new functionality to tell you about by largely we have just tried to make the website easier to navigate and make it even clearer what Aspecks is all about. Not only do we have some fresh new t-shirts (with jumpers and hoodies following shortly!) in the Aspecks Shop but we have developed the Commercial Printing section to include a price guide for potential clients wishing to utilise our Design and Print Services.  We have also included a history section that details the development of Aspecks from inception to the present day as well as finally adding some details about the Aspecks Crew members.

Wibiya Bar

The new wibiya bar at the bottom of the screen allows people to easily interact with the Aspecks website via existing social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even Yahoo. It is now really easy to share posts, videos and images that you find of interest on the Aspecks website as well as being able to comment on any post. Ultimately if you are signed in to one of the above social networking sites then you are logged in to Aspecks.  This means that you can also participate in our live chat facility with other visitors and fully interact with the site.  Also you can check out all of the videos from the Aspecks YouTube channel in a new ultra-slick gallery which has to be viewed in full screen to be truly appreciated. The wibiya bar even allows visitors from across the road to translate the Aspecks site into a range of languages from French and Spanish to Russian and Chinese.

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