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The FOKN Bois spent some time in Hungary last summer whilst on tour and collaborated with Irie Maffia Sound System(another powerful music collective who specialise in reggae, hip hop, funk and cumbia amongst other genres) to make a song called “We are the Future” which you can listen to HERE. (unfortunately embedding of the tune has been disabled)

(UPDATE – you can now download the song at the link provided and the album will be available on on all digital outlets NOW)

We find the song particularly invigorating not only because of the beats and how fresh they are but also because of the visions a bright future for Africa presented by both M3nsa and Wanlov in their verses and how they mesh with the things we are concerned about as aspecks. In the song, they speak of a ‘new world’ with Africa partaking at the forefront of global prosperity and no longer the continent that people seek to flee from in search of greener pastures.

Specifically – M3nsa makes reference to the oil find in Ghana and the wealth that it will bring (with no mention of pollution and irresponsible corporations implying that if they exist oil companies will be held to high standards of corporate social responsibility etc because we don’t want exploitation in our future). Not one to rest on laurels, he also suggests harnessing SOLAR energy on the continent *which we have discussed here before in detail* and further sustainable energy from biogas “developed by a village man from Abetifi“. This reference to homegrown ingenuity and self reliance is another thing which we have championed on this site with the William Kamkwamba story – the boy who brought electricity to his village using a homemade windmill after being inspired by pictures in a text book.  In his verse M3nsa also mentions Africa at the forefront of international diplomacy, having a voice that matters and furthermore he envisions an abundance of universities on the continent and champions the diversity and vibrancy of African cities.


Wanlov speaks of a united continent with no borders, fair trade and ease of travel. In his verse he talks about being able to travel the continent at will: implying sophisticated transport networks and also simultaneously championing the cultural exchange, spreading of ideas and interaction that such a network would offer “road trip to Naroibi then sail for the south, go chill for Jozi, return for some festival in Ouagadougu”. In response to those that say Africa his doomed, he laughs defiantly and says he just “built skyscrapers for Khartoum” and talks about taking his kid to a library in Dakar being surrounded by robotic paparazzi. I take to mean that knowledge and technology will be abundant in this new vision of Africa. We have a t-shirt design, inspired by William Kwamkwamba’s Windmills, which echos the some of sentiments of this song, shown above.

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