World’s Biggest Climate Change March
Dec 2009 10

Aspecks joined more than 50,000 people who came together to demand action on climate change on Saturday 5th December 2009 at The Wave, the biggest ever climate change march in the world! People from all over the country dressed in blue and encircled the House of Commons. They called upon the UK government to settle for nothing less than a climate deal in Copenhagen that avoids dangerous climate change and protects the worlds poorest people.

Were we right to protest in this manner? Well several members of the UK Government think so, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown who invited twenty-four Wave supporters to No.10 after the event to hear their demands. Check out what the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP had to say on the matter…

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The Feeling’s Mutual
Nov 2009 19

After successful feedback and sales of the Dylan Don’t Sing for Tesco t-shirts, Aspecks was commissioned to print two more designs for The Co-Operative Party as well as some more Dylan t-shirts. Check out the print video for the Fred Perry and The Feeling’s Mutual designs.

For more information about The Co-Operative Party’s The Feeling’s Mutual campaign please visit

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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009: Aspecks founders in Future 100 Young Social Entrepreneurs of the Year Awards
Nov 2009 18

The founders of Aspecks have been recognised as part of the Future 100 Young Social Entrepreneurs of the Year awards for 2009.  As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week the Future 100 Awards puts the spotlight on young people aged 18-35 who are demonstrating entrepreneurial flair and innovation in running a responsible business venture; one which demonstrates a balance between economic, environmental and social goals to achieve ultimate business success. Global Entrepreneurship Week is looking to unleash people’s enterprising ideas to tackle some of society’s biggest issues such as climate change, poverty, gender equality and health. The Future 100 awards encourages and rewards extraordinary vision, ethical business practice and social responsibility. They aim to showcase businesses that offer innovative and sustainable solutions to social problems. As you know Aspecks is an ethical enterprise that is designed to facilitate the exchange of culture and knowledge to help break down the various boundaries that exist in our Global Society. Consequently, Aspecks took the initiative to get involved with Global Entrepreneurship Week in order to explore the many opportunities that this week offers.

The granting of the award is testimony to Aspecks’ commitment to global society, the environment and ethical business practice and values. As a matter of policy we print on ethically sourced and sustainable t-shirts usually ‘fair trade’. The benefit of this can be seen in the growing commercial work we have completed for the Co-Operative Party. Similarly in October 2008 we were commissioned to design and print t-shirts for the Pathfinder Project.

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Mr Big Reunion Tour hits London
Oct 2009 07

Aspecks was in attendance last month at the Shepherd’s Bush arena as Mr Big performed their first gig in the UK since 1992. The video above is a clip of Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan ripping it up on double headed guitar and bass respectively.  Follow this link to see Eric Martin and Pat Torpey lending a hand or two!!!! These are first class musicians and the entire show rocked as the original line up of the band went through hit after hit, ending with their classic “To Be With You” before returning for a double encore that included a cover of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” – very fitting and absolutely quality. More videos after the jump…..

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Aspecks x Zebraisfood
Jul 2009 20


Collaboration works best in nature:

When zebras keep together as a big group, the patte­rn of each zebra’s stripes blends in with the stripes of the zebras around it. This is confusing to the lion, who sees a large, moving, striped mass instead of many individual zebras. The lion has trouble picking out any one zebra, and so it doesn’t have a very good plan of attack.

Associated-separate-people-exchanging-cultural-knowledge-&-skills (A.S.P.E.C.K.S Global Society), that’s who we are, what we aspire to and what we do here. Naturally we love many aspects of Hip Hop culture and so what better than to team up with a pride of Hip Hop enthusiasts called Lion Starr who think Zebraisfood. We have affiliated ourselves with them in order to be closer to the action across the pond and add informed North American insights to the Aspecks crew, straight from the Hip Hop epicentre that is Los Angeles.

Don’t get it mixed up, like us, they are not just talking the talk; they walk the walk. Lion Starr Entertainment is a burgeoning artist management firm in addition to never being a step behind the latest hip hop news on their high quality blog.  Look out for some collaborative exposés from us and whenever you want some unadulterated Hip Hop insights; check them out.


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