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We owe a massive thank you to the fantastic and beautiful people of Disk N Jockey Modelz, who added a level of organisation and professionalism to the day. Disk & Jockey Model Management aims to provide a starting point for aspiring models to not only break into the industry, but to ultimately put the model in a position to find out if they have the potential to succeed in the industry, and equip them with the tools to be signed to a world class agency.

Apr 2011 26

A sneak peak behind the scenes of the Aspecks Spring Collection photo session and the Global Citizen video shoot, shot over an epic weekend in March. The Global Citizen video has now been edited and is awaiting release, but first we need everyone to “Like” Aspecks on facebook to help build some momentum for the Global Citizen Campaign. Big shout out and thanks to everyone involved especially Jamm Tyme, Juanita Euka, Kaizen Star, Disk and Jockey Models, Tman the Hustler, Something Else Photography and all the amazing models who gave up their time to make the weekend a success! Global Citizens!!!!

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Apr 2011 25

Check out this exclusive two part interview with the directors of Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge as they discuss their motivations and passion for creating an educational documentary that spans two continents.

In the process, film makers Verona Spence and Dalian Adofo (Longbelly Entertainment) have opened up a much-needed debate about traditional African spiritual systems, exposing a topic that has often been shrouded in much mystique, negativity, superstition and ignorance. Indeed, my own personal knowledge of African spiritual systems is limited to the stereotypical images i have seen in various movies and books throughout the years. However, it is clear from the 5,000 views that the trailer for “Ancestral Voices” has achieved already; that there is a large desire for a greater and deeper understanding of African spiritual systems, and for them to be treated comparably to any other spiritual system. The point is that “Ancestral Voices” has opened the door for these issues to be discussed without fear of persecution, creating a climate of the reciprocity of respect.  Consequently, I expect that I am not the only one who looks forward to being educated by this film when it premieres at London’s Ritzy Theatre in Brixton on Saturday 7th May 2011.

Part Two

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Apr 2011 24

Our friends at Myndz Community have put us onto the annual Urban Green Fair which is happening in London this year on Sunday September 4th in Brockwell Park, London. “The Urban Green Fair is a grassroot event that seeks to inform, entertain and educate the South London community through workshops, discussions, demonstrations, spoken word and poetry on green and social issues to foster positive and sustainable change.” Check out this video to get an idea of what it has to offer.

Some of the discourse from debates and footage from spoken word performances from last year’s Urban Green Fair was captured by the Myndz Community Network in Earth Mother Nature film project excerpts of which can be found at the link provided.

Podcasts of some of talks given at last year’s Urban Green Fair can be found here. Topics covered include “Rethinking Money”; “What is Neo-Liberalism”;  Kemetic Yoga and Bio-fuels among others. Definitely worth checking out.
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Upcoming Events in London
Apr 2011 23

Wow! So much is going on at the moment that it is hard to know where to begin… so we’ll start at the beginning. Apparently there is some sort of wedding happening this weekend – not sure what all the fuss is about but still the day off will be appreciated!!

28th April: London West Bank exclusive opening exhibition, the big launch, will take place at 1900 hours. Having been extremely busy curating a fine selection of original urban art work by some of the scene’s most reputable artists., London West Bank opens its doors on a new premise in Westbourne Park, featuring work by the one and only Otto Schade (

29th April: The Shrine’s Republican Yell featuring M3nsa. The Shrine marks the royal wedding day with a Republican Yell Session for the people by The Shrine people at the Rich Mix in East London. The jewel in the People’s Crown is a headline set from Ghana’s number one Soul ‘n’ Hip-Life beat maker, M3NSA, and his band, The Light Offs.  As a very special treat there will be a screening of the short film Coz Ov Moni featuring M3NSA himself. Advance tickets on sale here.

30th April: “U GOT JOKES” Vol 5 comedy showcase at Indigo @ the O2 in Greenwich. Returning for their fifth and biggest show to date, the entertaining and hilarious U GOT JOKES features some of the best comedic talent around including Funmbi, Slim, Kat, Mo, Adot and Axel the Entertainer.

7th May: Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge Premiere @ The Ritzy, Brixton from 1830. An educational documentary spanning two continents that opens up a much-needed debate about traditional African spiritual systems; their cosmologies, ideologies and underlying ethical principles.

7th May: Wara Live @ Rich Mix in Shoreditch from 1930 onwards for an evening of Cuban funk, tropical mash-up and everything and anything with rhythm and soul!! Also featuring a live performance from the wonderfully talented Ruby & The Vines.

14th May: Guaguanco @ De Nollywood in Camberwell is a monthly school Salsa night that aims to pay homage to Salsa, it’s Roots and People by bringing salsa back to it’s origins and exploring Latin culture through visual and performing arts. This month’s theme is entitled ”Sentimiento De El Barrio” and will include a viewing of ”Yo Soy Del Son a La Salsa”. Playing Salsa from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s only the Old School Salsa DJ’s will be spinning the decks from 10pm until the early hours. There will also be a live art performance by Chilean graffiti artist and Aspecks Affiliate Otto Schade.

28th May: Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge Second Showing @ The Ritzy in Brixton from 1830.

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