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Over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of March we filmed a music video for the “Global Citizen Campaign” theme song by Jamm Tyme featuring additional vocals by Juanita Euka. Aspecks commissioned Kaizen Star to do the beat and it was recorded in our HQ late last year. The video was shot by Tman the Hustler of Street Music UK, with friends of Aspecks, Juanita and Jamm Tyme as well as some models provided by Disk and Jockey Entz. Many thanks to all that helped make it a success. Look out for the music video coming soon, in the mean time check out these behind the scenes pictures:

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The call for democracy is one of the common recurring themes evident in protests that stretch f rom Morocco in North West Africa to Iran in the Middle East.  Similarly common is the brutal and violent suppression of peaceful protestors; which is a daily occurrence in Libya and has been most recently evident in Bahrain where six people have been confirmed dead after police opened fire on protesters. Another recurring theme is the reluctance of many leaders to relinquish power.  In Yemen President Ali Abdulla Saleh has refused to stand down until the end of his term in 2013 despite his citizens taking to the streets for the past month calling for his removal. President Saleh showed his willingness to use force to guarantee his position when 140 protestors were injured in the Western City of Hudeida today.

In Saudi Arabia, widespread protests on the capital Riyadh had been arranged for last Friday, however these failed to materialise after a massive show of force from the Saudi police. At the start of March, the Iranian police used tear gas and batons to disperse crowds calling for the release of two opposition leaders. Whilst, in Oman despite concessions made by Sultan Qaboos bin Said after the deadly protests in February, calls for economic and political reforms continue, with a group of private security guards today blocking the country’s main airport in their bid to receive a higher wage.

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Making the Global Citizen song with Jamm Tyme
Dec 2010 02

Big up to Jamm Tyme for this contribution towards our Global Citizen Campaign Competition. Many thanks to Kaizen Star, the multi-talented Aspecks Crew web designer, who produced the beat and the Juanita Euka for her vocal contributions! Think you can do better……? All remixes welcome!!!

Jammtyme – Global Citizen by Aspecks

J.A.M.M. T.Y.M.E. – Just Any Modern Musical Topic That You May Enjoy!

Also check the videos after the jump for exclusive Jamm Tyme and Aspecks freestyles!!! Just having fun!!

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Uneven Global Cotton Fields…
Nov 2010 16

This video highlights the reason why we believe in Fair Trade.

You can download the Fairtrade Foundation report “The Great Cotton Stitch-Up” here.

Harriet Lamb, executive director of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “This report reveals one of the greatest trade injustices of our time. Ten million farmers are locked into poverty while trade distorting subsidies are paid out by the EU and the US. It is incredible that EU cotton subsidies are worth more per pound than what cotton trades for on global markets. This is why we are calling on the EU to eliminate its cotton trade distorting subsidies and to include this urgently needed measure in the new Common Agricultural Policy reform process launching this week. In Mali, we’re working with one co-operative of 8,000 members who have been able to earn 50% more by producing and selling organic Fairtrade cotton. As a result, 95% of their children are enrolled in school compared with a national average of 43%. This is what a small uplift in farmers’ income can achieve. It is time to end the Great Cotton Stitch-up.”

Message from Jota Ramos
Nov 2010 10

We met up with Jota Ramos, a rapper and activist from Villa Rica (the last part of Columbia to be liberated from slavery) who is currently in the UK promoting is latest HAGA QUE PASE! (MAKE IT HAPPEN!) tour. It is a fundraising and awareness campaign utilising music and video documentary to highlight the land rights of traditional farmers whose livelihoods are under threat from large sugar plantations and industrial agribusiness corporations. He introduces himself below:

Speaking in further detail about his music and the tour:

The full background details on the Haga Que Pase! tour and cause can be found here.

Details of the final concert in London (at Nollywood in Camberwell) on Saturday November 13 2010 are available after the ‘read more’ jump.
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