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Feb 2010 17

Welcome to Aspecks 2.0. As we have done previously we took some time out to make improvements in preparation for the year to come.  Some might say that 2010 has only just begun and we are certainly looking to build on the progress that we have made by reaching out to wider audiences and creating the conditions for future success. We want to facilitate your participation in the Aspecks website. Registered users who show interest can contribute content to the site on their own terms. We seek a diverse range of people to broaden the dialogue and engage in the exchange of culture, knowledge and skills. Consequently, 2010 is the year of the Global Citizen Campaign.

More details on the campaign will follow shortly and of course we will continue to improve the website to make it a richer resource. Any feedback on your browsing experience and how it can be enhanced is always appreciated. This year you can look forward to a load of fresh content, additional features along with brand new original Aspecks t-shirts and sweaters. We are excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and we look forward to working with as many of you as possible.

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F**k you I won’t do what you tell me!
Dec 2009 18

There is campaign currently being waged in the UK to get Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” to be Christmas Number One and it is hard not to support such a move when the motivation has arisen from the grassroots. Basically some music fans fed up of being on the receiving end of another X-Factor ballad ruining their listening pleasure set up a Facebook page to get RATM to Number One. Indeed the campaign has been such a success that Rage are currently leading X-Factor winner Joe McElderry by about 10,000 copies… and the song could hardly be more appropriate with the infamous lyric opposing conformity used as the title for this article. Check out the video below where the band themselves explain why they think the campaign is a good idea. What a shame the BBC could not allow RATM to vent their frustration live on air, even if it was eight in the morning. Indeed the idea that Rage would agree to be censored by the BBC, particularly on this song, for this cause and not sing the lyrics they have written is laughable. Go on RATM, take the power back!!!!!

Download the single now from itunes to show your support!

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From the inside looking out
Dec 2009 14

An American anthropology student conducts a social experiment in Ghana.

Vanick Der Bedrossian writes:

This is a TV news segment on my experience working as a money collector, known as a “mate” on a bus in Accra, Ghana (buses are called tro tro).

Regardless of possible ulterior motives; Van is a good sport for working as a driver’s mate, which is widely considered to be a menial job.  His experience and attitude teaches that all people regardless of apparent differences can relate to one another if they are willing to make the effort to familiarise themselves with the culture and experiences of others.

World’s Biggest Climate Change March
Dec 2009 10

Aspecks joined more than 50,000 people who came together to demand action on climate change on Saturday 5th December 2009 at The Wave, the biggest ever climate change march in the world! People from all over the country dressed in blue and encircled the House of Commons. They called upon the UK government to settle for nothing less than a climate deal in Copenhagen that avoids dangerous climate change and protects the worlds poorest people.

Were we right to protest in this manner? Well several members of the UK Government think so, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown who invited twenty-four Wave supporters to No.10 after the event to hear their demands. Check out what the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP had to say on the matter…

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Music Break: M3nsa – Adjuma
Dec 2009 04

Check out this fresh tune from Aspecks friend M3nsa. This is the first music video off his No.1 Mango Street Album, due out in 2010!! ADJUMA captures the very essence of what the hustle is for the average Ghanaian. It literally means work and Aspecks is very much looking forward to checking out the rest of Mensa’s work when No.1 Mango Street drops in the new year! Enjoy…..

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