What is its purpose?

To spread awareness of global issues and how they relate to us all. Our ideology is that we see all people as equal regardless of their respective cultural, national and religious differences. Although we consider everybody to be distinct individuals, with unique identities, we believe that all people have many aspecks of their interests, ideas and experiences in common. We believe that the exchange of culture, knowledge and skills increases compatibility between social groups and subcultures – in a similar manner to the unifying ability of music or sport.

Rationalising the Global Citizen Concept

We believe that we are all global citizens. Despite superficial obvious differences, we share one planet in which communal issues arise that affect us all. The world is becoming ever more interconnected and whilst there must be local solutions to local problems there must also be global agreement about how to to deal with global issues such as climate change, sustainable development, social division and poverty. Sometimes these issues overlap significantly so by highlighting and discussing them we can break them down in a way that all people can understand and appreciate. By facilitating this debate we hope to broaden our understanding of the privileges and responsibilities that come with being a global citizen.

What can you contribute to the campaign?

Individuals are not to be left out; please sign up for an aspecks account and contact us to contribute to the ‘global citizen’ discourse using a a form of expression that suits you (even if you are not interested in joining our internship competition)

You can contribute almost anything of interest for publishing on the website.One of our aims is to be able to host Aspecks Cultural Events – celebrating global cultural diversity from music and arts to dancing and cooking. We can not do this alone which is why we seek your support. We are always willing to open dialogue with all types of organisations and other social enterprises to explore ways in which we may be able to collaborate together.

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