Secret Wars Euro League: London Vs Cardiff 16 April 2010
Apr 2010 23

Big thanks to Aspecks’ newest affiliate Kaizen Star for the photographs and text for this article. Oh and Kaizen Star is also responsible for the fresh beat you can hear playing in the video – is there no end to Kaizen’s talents?!!!

Secret Wars, by definition is an artistic battle, where creative wits on either side of a wall do battle with black markers on white boards. Teams of three seasoned graffiti warriors, collide to a soundscape of house and funk, while spectators and revellers watch in awe and anticipation. Secret Wars takes place in secret locations and  luckily enough the Aspecks team were both hip and nosy enough to scrall down the details and get down to Shoreditch for the 2010 Euro League when it arrived in London.  As we arrived at the “hush hush” venue, which was jam-packed with other nosy people, London’s graffiti’s warriors were just assembling battle plans on one side of the room, whilst three Welshmen, and a sheep some 151 miles away from home were representing Cardiff on the other side.  Shifting between the two rooms, at first one could see no real difference between the two designs, but after a while as the fog began to clear, it seemed that although London was holding the fort at home, Cardiff were keeping their poker face on. Perhaps, it seemed they might have an ace or two under their sleeves. London’s team took a wild stab at Tom Jones “It’s not unusual to be loved by No One”, and Cardiff seemed to be taking a dig at the Royal Family. However as time went on and a few more black markers were disposed of, it was clear that Cardiff really did have an ace, and their depiction of “Maggie’s Farm” was undeniably inventive.

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Secret Wars: Southampton Vs Barcelona Exclusive Photos
Apr 2010 14

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Secret Wars is the World is premier live art battle working in a similar way to Fight Club. As a grassroots movement, Secret Wars battles are set up and promoted through word of mouth. The battles consist of two teams with 3 artists per team, 90 minutes on the clock and artists using black paint on a white background. So it was off to Orange rooms in Southampton for the second round of the 2010 Euro Games, 17 cities putting their best artists into battle in home and away legs. The white boards were being finalised as we arrived and after some last minute adjustments the scene was set for the graphical warriors to do battle. Southampton were looking to build on there impressive 3-0 win over Paris last month and Barcelona who were a late addition to group were hoping to live up to there tournament favourite status in there first battle. The host for the night, Polar Bear took to the stage and got the crowd warmed up with an acapella freestyle he then introduced the teams and it was showtime.
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3D Street Art
May 2009 18


Knowing how terrible I was at Art when I was at school, it comes as no surprise that I have always been fascinated by other people’s abilities and talents for creating something out of nothing. Now I am sure a lot of people have received emails that have had attached some of the images in the video below, however, it was only after some deeper research that I came to fully understand the skill involved in producing these works of 3D Street Art. The artists use a projection called anamorphosis to create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle. There are two main types of anamorphosis: Perspective (oblique) and Mirror (catoptric). There is currently a trailblazing group of artists who have been around the world painting some of the finest 3D pavement illusions ever seen.

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Reverse Graffiti
Apr 2009 29

According to Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis, the world is a really really dirty placeThe above video includes footage of his Reverse Graffiti project at San Francisco’s Broadway tunnel which has over 200,000 vehicles passing through it each day.

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