May 2011 31

Peter Sankofa and the Family Afro is a new book created by Greenshack Productions. Greenshack Productions is a company that focuses on children, imagery and symbolism. It addresses the needs of Afrikan people from all around the world with the improvement/enlightenment of everyone as its goal. Check out the blurb below and some of the images from the t-shirts we have printed. For more photos of all the Sankofa Family tees please take the time to visit the Aspecks facebook page.

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Mar 2011 10

So you may have been wondering what Aspecks has been up to as the website has not been updated in a while. But rest assured we have been working hard getting our new line of tees ready for a massive photo shoot we hosted this weekend. Fans of Aspecks on Facebook have been privy to some sneak glimpses of the new line as well as some behind the scenes footage of the Global Citizen video shoot featuring Jamm Tyme and Juanita Euka. We have also been working on some more creative collaborations with other musicians, artists and social entrepreneurs. In fact our endeavours have even been featured on one of our international affiliates’ websites; big thanks to Jake from ZebraisFood who posted about the “Get Your Money Out” video we collaborated on with Jamm Tyme, Kazen Star and Street Music UK.

Also thanks have to go to Shahida and Dani at the University of East London who offered Aspecks the opportunity to give a lecture about our experiences as a social enterprise and talk about the volunteering opportunities available through the Aspecks Global Citizen Campaign. The Aspecks co-founders have also given their first interview to a new website called London Entrepreneurs, that seeks to inform and inspire the entrepreneurs of the future, who have also posted an article to go with the interview, entitled “Tees and Ideology”. So please check out the interview below which highlights how Aspecks came about, what Aspecks is and what it does, how Aspecks combines ideology within it’s business model and the importance of being in London as an entrepreneur.

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Uneven Global Cotton Fields…
Nov 2010 16

This video highlights the reason why we believe in Fair Trade.

You can download the Fairtrade Foundation report “The Great Cotton Stitch-Up” here.

Harriet Lamb, executive director of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “This report reveals one of the greatest trade injustices of our time. Ten million farmers are locked into poverty while trade distorting subsidies are paid out by the EU and the US. It is incredible that EU cotton subsidies are worth more per pound than what cotton trades for on global markets. This is why we are calling on the EU to eliminate its cotton trade distorting subsidies and to include this urgently needed measure in the new Common Agricultural Policy reform process launching this week. In Mali, we’re working with one co-operative of 8,000 members who have been able to earn 50% more by producing and selling organic Fairtrade cotton. As a result, 95% of their children are enrolled in school compared with a national average of 43%. This is what a small uplift in farmers’ income can achieve. It is time to end the Great Cotton Stitch-up.”

Oct 2010 12

Check out the video below of the t-shirts that we printed for a showcase at Rich Mix on October 2nd 2010, where M3nsa gave his fans a sneak preview of his upcoming album No.1 Mango Street.

Behind the Scenes
Sep 2010 02

Although the website has been dormant for a while Aspecks has been busy over the Summer. Check the video below for a look behind the scenes at some of the things what we have been up to.

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