Global Commons? Oi! That’s my oil!!
Mar 2010 04

The ongoing historical dispute over claims to the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands or Las Malvinas has taken a new turn in recent weeks “fuelled” by the commencement of drilling for oil reserves. Little has changed politically since the cessation of military activities in 1982, with Argentina claiming sovereignty over the Islands and Britain maintaining that there is no need to discuss sovereignty as they support the Islanders right to self-determination. Indeed in the 1960s the Islanders asserted their wish to remain British, pointing out that their history, language and way of life was bound up with Britain. However, the real issue here has so far been largely ignored: the oil found off the coast of the Falkland Islands is a common natural resource. The financial benefits of discovering commercially viable oil would dramatically change the lives of the island’s 3,000 inhabitants, consequently, perhaps a compromise is needed to ensure that some of the economic benefits are shared between the two countries.

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Too Revolutionary for TV?
Dec 2009 03

People can “wear many hats” and so we find that Immortal Technique is not only a rapper but has evolved into a political activist and social commentator. In this interview with RussiaToday he appears as an articulate activist instead of an angry rapper whose uncompromising passion can easily be interpreted as intimidating aggression. His musical anthology thus far is dominated by the theme of social revolution and protest against what he would describe as the corrupt dictatorial power structure(s) that keep the majority of the worlds’ population poor and oppressed (it is possibly encapsulated by this song The “Third World”).

The interview covers many topics that we have touched on here before such as; the power of capitalism, the importance of maintaining an interest and participating in politics, safeguarding democracy from dictators like Chavez, how his music’s lyrics should be interpreted, Marxism and even the misappropriation of religion.  The interview ends with him talking about his charity work in Afghanistan; where he has used proceeds from his last album to build a school and an orphanage.

We welcome your opinions on his music and views as well as some of our previous posts in the comments section(s). There’s a music video of his to a song called The Poverty of Philosophy over the jump.
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Corruption: A Global Problem
Jul 2009 19

“All along I thought that our level of corruption fell well within community standards”

“It is helpful to know the proper way to behave, So one can decide whether or not to be proper.”

How does the old adage go? Rules were made to be broken. As my father used to say “I told you before son, the golden rule in life is not to get caught.” Now my old man said this with a lot of humour intended, but after all many a true word is spoken in jest. Indeed some people have managed to make careers and live their entire lives ‘not getting caught’. Take Mr Berlusconi as a prime example, the number of accusations and evidence of corruption within both his political and personal lives keep on rising, yet the 72 year old Italian Prime Minister just keeps on smiling.


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What’s in a compromise?
Jul 2009 17


History is full of celebrated people; heroes who have taken up causes and fought for ideals against all odds – Be it in an artistic endeavour, or cultural,  or religious or political realm to mention a few. Martyrs like Che Guevara have paid the ultimate price in violent struggles and other leaders have sought to break off from conventional society with their followers to create dystopias instead of new ideal societies.  There is definitely merit in sticking with what one believes in; having your own personal Samurai code and possessing unwavering morality beliefs/principles that you will never retract to preserve your integrity… [read more..]

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