Aspecks X Ctrl.Alt.Shift
Jun 2010 02

Ctrl.Alt.Shift is a UK youth initiative set up to engage the next generation in the fight against social and global injustice. Naturally there are many affiliations and synergies between such an organisation and Aspecks and after a meeting with the editor of the Ctrl.Alt.Shift magazine it became clear that through the exchange of knowledge and skills we could achieve a lot more by working together. As a movement they tackle issues such as global poverty, climate change, tax and corruption and HIV stigma though running events and campaigns nationwide, a UK-wide street team of reporters and a bi-annual magazine which can all be read about on their website: They have even been kind enough to plug the Aspecks Global Citizen Campaign Competition on their blog! Ctrl.Alt.Shift run a wide variety of events and promotions across the UK; from art exhibitions to raves and five a side football games. They even had time to choreograph a protest against the misguided philosophy of the BNP.  Check out the video below too see what we are talking about and do not forget to check their website for more info, or contact to get involved!

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Haiti on our minds
Feb 2010 18

The devastation caused by the earthquake has led global society to rally round in such an extraordinary manner. If it was not before, Haiti (the poorest country in the Western hemisphere) is on everybody’s mind at the moment. The vivid extensive media coverage and availability of modern technology has ensured that global society has been able to rapidly coordinate a program of much needed relief through donations of cash and kind. This is a true testament of human empathy – Governments (like Senegal’s have even offered free land for resettlement), along with celebrities and individuals alike whom have also risen to the occasion after having been compelled to respond creatively and give generously. A new report by the Inter-American Development Bank estimates that the total cost of reconstruction from ‘the most destructive disaster of modern times‘ could be as high as $14 billion.

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Corruption Alert!
Jul 2009 24

Three New Jersey mayors, two state lawmakers, a deputy mayor and five rabbis were among 44 people charged Thursday in a two-track corruption and international money-laundering probe, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey announced. The investigation began as a probe into a money-laundering ring that allegedly trafficked in goods as diverse as human organs and fake designer handbags. Based on information from a cooperating witness, the probe then widened to government corruption when the witness approached public officials about bribes, the attorney’s office said in a statement. “This investigation has once again identified a corrupt network of public officials who were all too willing to take cash in exchange for promised official action,” acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra said in a statement. “It seemed that everyone wanted a piece of the action.”

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Corruption: A Global Problem
Jul 2009 19

“All along I thought that our level of corruption fell well within community standards”

“It is helpful to know the proper way to behave, So one can decide whether or not to be proper.”

How does the old adage go? Rules were made to be broken. As my father used to say “I told you before son, the golden rule in life is not to get caught.” Now my old man said this with a lot of humour intended, but after all many a true word is spoken in jest. Indeed some people have managed to make careers and live their entire lives ‘not getting caught’. Take Mr Berlusconi as a prime example, the number of accusations and evidence of corruption within both his political and personal lives keep on rising, yet the 72 year old Italian Prime Minister just keeps on smiling.


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