The Gypsy
Jun 2011 17

Now the first glance at the title of this article may appear slightly confused but anyone who was present at Rich Mix last Tuesday night to see the first UK performance of Wanlov the Kubolor’s Brown Card album will fully understand the sentiment. Also known as African Gypsy, the album is the musical manifestation of Wanlov’s cultural heritage, reflecting both his Ghanaian and Romanian (or Transylvanian) roots, his extensive knowledge of music and his socially conscious personality. Indeed Wanlov commands the stage with his infectious sense of humour and a clear appreciation of the musicians he is playing with. Combining African drum patterns with accordion and violin solos, intricate guitar patterns and hiplife melodies any listener of the Brown Card will enjoy a globe trotting journey through multiple musical genres. Described as “music for music lovers”, it is hard to disagree with the description of Wanlov as “the Manu Chao of hip-hop” or indeed his own assertion that he is the modern day Gypsy Fela. Enjoy this footage of the Wanlov classic “Human Being” which appropriately for a song celebrating global citizens was performed with a Frenchman on accordion, an Italian-Transylvanian fiddler and a Ghanaian on the Cajo drum.

Check after the jump for footage of Wanlov in his ambassador role for Orphan Aid in Ghana!
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FOKN Bois’ Dunaquest mix
Apr 2011 11

Buy the FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest Album here. AVAILABLE NOW!

Check out this link for a review of the album cut entitled We are the Future (which now also includes a free download):

Aspecks recently provided you with a sneak peak of the productive summer that the FOKN Bois spent in Budapest when we posted about Africa’s FOKN Future. Consequently we had raised expectations for the release of the full mix and of course, despite being busy working on their various solo projects, the FOKN Bois (M3NSA and Wanlov The Kubolor) do not disappoint in the slightest. Hosted by the Irie Maffia Production duo (ELO and Jumo Daddy), the Dunaquest minimix combines their eclectic fusion of hip-hop, funk, reggae and European dance beats with the reflective and optimistic humour of the FOKN Bois’ verbal dexterity to magnificent effect. But don’t just take our word for it as you can listen to the results of their endeavours below.

FOKN Bois meet Irie Maffia Prod.-FOKN Dunaquest Minimix by Irie Maffia

Officially released on Akwaaba/Irie Maffia Productions on the 26th April 2011.

Wanlov the Kubolor releases “African Gypsy”
Mar 2011 22

Check it out!! The first single from Wanlov the Kubolor’s new album, “Brown Card” is the vibrant “African Gypsy” which makes it clear that the three months spent in Paris were extremely productive for Aspecks’ favourite Transylvanian Ghanaian.

Wanlov The Kubolor – African Gypsy ft Keziah Jones by Wanlov

Supported by the French Embassy and l’Institut français, Wanlov is the first Ghanaian ever chosen for an artist residency programme in Paris called “Visa for Creation”. The 3-month artistic Residence at the ‘Cité des Arts’ in Paris, is where Kubolor found inspiration writing songs for the new album working with two Ghanaian musicians and accordion player Jérôme Pierre Soulas and violinist Filippo Bonini Baraldi from Paris. The album was produced in Ghana by Pidgen Music and you can check some footage of the launch party in Ghana after the jump. Below Wanlov explains to the BBC the fusion of sound and culture that came together during his time in France.

wanlov_2010 -BBC interview mp3 (418KB)
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Feb 2011 18

M3nsa‘s album No.1 Mango Street has been released to itunes with critical acclaim. Check out the video for the lead single “No One Knows Tomorrow” below, which is also available on itunes along with remixes here.

After the “read more” button you will find some footage from an album showcase he recently performed with his band The Light Offs which features performance of tracks from his album, No.1 Mango Street including: “Afrofunkin” “Show Me How” “Adjuma” “No One Knows” and “Kelewele Pimpin”!
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No One Knows out on iTunes now!!!
Nov 2010 29

Many congratulations to the one and only M3nsa who has today released the first single of his new album No.1 Mango Street, “No One Knows” on iTunes!! You can download it hear!!! and for those of you who have been sleeping check the video below for a live performance of the song.

Also keep an eye out for the forthcoming music video which as M3nsa describes in this interview on indiegogo, “tells the story of a man looking to find what exactly the future will bring, by consulting soothsayers, fortune tellers etc. However, what they predict is often inaccurate and he has to alter the future himself. For instance he sees a weatherman, on TV, predicting the weather in the future, and it seems gloomy, so he hits the side of the television and the weatherman switches his forecast to something more positive. This is to signify that sometimes we have to take action to alter the future!”

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