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The FOKN Bois spent some time in Hungary last summer whilst on tour and collaborated with Irie Maffia Sound System(another powerful music collective who specialise in reggae, hip hop, funk and cumbia amongst other genres) to make a song called “We are the Future” which you can listen to HERE. (unfortunately embedding of the tune has been disabled)

(UPDATE – you can now download the song at the link provided and the album will be available on on all digital outlets NOW)

We find the song particularly invigorating not only because of the beats and how fresh they are but also because of the visions a bright future for Africa presented by both M3nsa and Wanlov in their verses and how they mesh with the things we are concerned about as aspecks. In the song, they speak of a ‘new world’ with Africa partaking at the forefront of global prosperity and no longer the continent that people seek to flee from in search of greener pastures.

Specifically – M3nsa makes reference to the oil find in Ghana and the wealth that it will bring (with no mention of pollution and irresponsible corporations implying that if they exist oil companies will be held to high standards of corporate social responsibility etc because we don’t want exploitation in our future). Not one to rest on laurels, he also suggests harnessing SOLAR energy on the continent *which we have discussed here before in detail* and further sustainable energy from biogas “developed by a village man from Abetifi“.  [read more..]
Wanlov – African Gipsy – Global Citizen
Oct 2010 16

wanlov_2010 -BBC interview mp3 (418KB)

The link above is to an interview Wanlov gave with the BBC on his upcoming project; The African Gypsy. He is recording in it Paris and has described it as rapping and singing over a mix of traditional Ghanaian and Romanian Gypsy instrumentation. We’re looking forward to it.

In the meantime, check out this live performance of Human Being (with M3nsa) which we regard as a leading theme song for the Global Citizen Campaign.

Previous Aspecks coverage of Wanlov here.

Music Break: M3nsa – Adjuma
Dec 2009 04

Check out this fresh tune from Aspecks friend M3nsa. This is the first music video off his No.1 Mango Street Album, due out in 2010!! ADJUMA captures the very essence of what the hustle is for the average Ghanaian. It literally means work and Aspecks is very much looking forward to checking out the rest of Mensa’s work when No.1 Mango Street drops in the new year! Enjoy…..

Kubolor style
Mar 2009 06

Aspecks met up with Wanlov the Kubulor in London last October when he was promoting his album “Green Card“. Wanlov is an individual who expresses himself truthfully, using knowledge and music to share the diverse cultural aspecks of his life as a global citizen. In Part One Wanlov discusses with Aspecks his music and his views on identity and stereotypes.

In Part II, Wanlov and Mensa speak about pidgen english, the Ghanaian music scene and their future projects.

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