No violence
Apr 2009 11


Ghandi’s non-violent forms of social resistance against British colonial rule in India and teachings have left a valuable legacy to the world. His non-violent methods are said to have inspired the Civil Rights movement in America in their fight against racial segregation and injustice as well as countless other liberation struggles worldwide.

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The philosophy of Bruce Lee Part Two
Mar 2009 06

One of the most common quotes that is helpful in explaining some of the principles embodied in Jeet Kune Do is “using no way as way.” Bruce emphasised the importance of emptying one’s mind of preconceived notions. He related this to any sphere of activity, not simply to the performance of a martial and was referring to the centuries of tradition and conditioning that can hinder an individuals’ progress along the path towards self-knowledge.

“Most martial arts instructors are so doggone stubborn, you know? I mean their attitude is ‘well, two hundred years ago it was taught like this, therefore it should continue to be taught like this.’ To maintain that type of attitude – I mean you’ve had it…You will never grow, because learning is a discovering thing. It’s a constant process of discovery.

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The Philosophy of Bruce Lee – Part One
Feb 2009 11


During his lifetime, Bruce Lee formulated a complex personal philosophy that was a synthesis of Eastern and Western ideas that promoted the virtues of knowledge and total mastery of one’s self. A clear example of this can be shown from Bruce himself, whilst talking about his son.

“Brandon is being brought up in the midst of two cultures. There are good points in Chinese culture; there are good points in Occidental culture. He will be taught to take some principles from one, some from the other. Brandon will learn that Oriental culture and Occidental culture are not mutually exclusive, but mutually dependent. Neither would be remarkable were it not for the existence of the other.”
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So Marx was right
Jan 2009 25

If one thinks about the last few months, it is difficult not to consider the fact the possibility that one of the principle claims that Karl Marx made about capitalism has again proved to contain more than an element of truth. People are losing their jobs and savings. Whilst a student, one had to be careful in citing Marx (and especially some of the his followers) for fear of being ridiculed as some sort of out-dated hippy with no idea about the real world of economics


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