May 2011 31

Peter Sankofa and the Family Afro is a new book created by Greenshack Productions. Greenshack Productions is a company that focuses on children, imagery and symbolism. It addresses the needs of Afrikan people from all around the world with the improvement/enlightenment of everyone as its goal. Check out the blurb below and some of the images from the t-shirts we have printed. For more photos of all the Sankofa Family tees please take the time to visit the Aspecks facebook page.

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Feb 2010 12

After successful feedback and sales of the Dylan Don’t Sing for Tesco t-shirts, Aspecks was commissioned to print two more designs for The Co-Operative Party as well as some more Dylan t-shirts. Check out the print video for the Fred Perry and The Feeling’s Mutual designs.

For more information about The Co-Operative Party’s The Feeling’s Mutual campaign please visit

Aug 2009 15

Sneak peak of our new tie-dye tees set to original aspecks music. Look out for footage of the creation of the tune with Mensa and Graeme Martin of TAP’ Taroot from France.

Aspecks Gear: Behind the Scenes
Jun 2009 23

The video above is our way of sharing with you what it is that we do at Aspecks – a reintroduction to the Aspecks clothing line if you like. This video takes the viewer through the process of how we take an image and an idea from the computer screen through to seeing it actually printed onto a garment. All of our designs mean something to us – an ideal, a concept, a belief – and these are represented in both the image and the text used on each design. So for example the Higher Levels t-shirt attempts to metaphorically represent ‘aspiration’. It includes an image of a man climbing a coconut tree and the slogan “Reaching for Higher Levels” to drive home the message conveyed by the imagery. The World Peace t-shirt is fairly self-explanatory whereas the Global-Social Chameleon t-shirt is basically an attempt to represent those individuals who feel like they can adapt to any social situation anywhere in the globe at any time, but we will address this concept fully in a future post. Anyway take your time to check out the video and see the creative process in action and check the Aspecks Clothing Section to take a closer look at the t-shirts.

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Aspecks Gear
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